Grab a plastic pano camera and join the fun!

Matt Loves Panos 2020 camera challenge is for plastic, focus-free cameras that shoot in panoramic format. Full rules and details are here: Matt Loves Panos rules.

The challenge is on until 30 June 2020.

Get snapping with those plastic beauties! I’d love for us to do a zine with the entries. Here they are:

Dominick Chiuchiolo

Dominick took these pano shots in New York, USA, on his Ansco Pix using Fuji Superior 400 film.

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael took shots with his Ansco Pix in Florida.

Tommy Napier

Tom took these photos in south east Queensland with a plastic panorama camera he found in a washing basket full of photos, covered in sawdust and dirt. He used a roll of Kentmere 400.

Check out Tom on Instagram: @tommy_napier

  • Ted Smout bridge, right and Houghton Highway, left. Shot from Brighton Beach, Queensland.
  • Unknown building next to River Link shopping Centre, Ipswich, Queensland.
  • Kedron Brook Wetlands off Toombul Rd roundabout, Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Governor Blackall Memorial, Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland.

Matt Evans

Matt took these fabulous images in New Zealand on a WidePic Panorama. Matt used Ilford Pan F pushed 1 stop. 

Joe Baker

“I was inspired by your competition to dust off my Widepic Panorama (weigh-in photo attached) and have had these photos ready to send for about a month. The film was Kentmere 400, developed at home in Rodinal. The photos were taken in the first week of March on my walk to and from work in Norwich, England. My Twitter / Instagram handle is @evil_chutney. 

Jr Wyatt

Jr took these fabulous colour photos on an Ansco Pix he picked up for just $1! The images were taken in Belividere, Illinois, using Fujifilm C200.

Paul Wheeler

Paul took these colour crackers on a “Rollei Panorama Disposable loaded with Rollei 400 speed color film that had expired in 2012”.


“I used a Vivitar PN2011 and (in one of my springtime departures from my usual black & white work) Fuji Superia X-Tra that had expired in March 2019. (I still wish I could have found the insert for my Ansco Panorama 🙂 I took all of the photos within a few miles of my home in northern California – the pink flowers (Gum rock-rose, according to the Seek app) in a city park and the other three images in an open space area.”

Gum rock rose
Ithuriel’s spear
Common fiddleneck and mustard

Matt Jones

“These 4 images were taken on the Ansco Pix Panorama (as recommended by Mr Matthew Joseph), and were shot on Lomo 400 colour film processed at home. Shot around my village in Thailand whilst on my push bike.  This camera fits in my shorts pocked which is quite handy.  And I never need to worry about a battery or metering :)”

Antony Hands

Antony took these images on his Wide Pic Panorama with a roll of Kodak Portra 400 in New South Wales, Australia.

Andrew Bartram

“As a long time lover of the panoramic format, be it a 6×17 back on a LF camera, a 6×12 pinhole camera or the Lomography Belair camera with the 35mm back I saw some pictures made with I think the Ansco panorama which is also branded as the Halina at least here in the UK.  “Not bad for hopefully a small investment” I thought and a load of fun to boot.

What I love about these cameras apart from an affordable way to treat the GAS affliction, is, like my Holga and Belair, the fact there are no distractions over camera settings or lens choice. It’s been said many times before but it is a real liberation to “point and shoot”.

The colour pictures were shot on the Wide Pic (the sought after red version :-)) with 30 year old York film developed in Cinestill C41 chemistry whilst the mono ones were from the Halina which is supposed to be a “better” camera but I actually prefer the Wide Pic. TriX probably didn’t help much (developed in stock Microphen).  I like the garden table shot with evening light raking across the image. all the rest were shot on walks from the house on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fenlands.”

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