Xpro film photography competition

The second Matt Loves Cameras podcast film photography competition for 2022 has been launched. This competition is all about xpro, or cross processing film. What is cross processing? Cross processing is the deliberate processing of…Read more

Pantastic 2021-22 competition entries

Check out the final list of entries for the 2021-22 Pantastic competition! The competition is a celebration of plastic focus-free panorama cameras. You can find out more about which cameras were eligible on the Pantastic…Read more

Southern Queensland Road Trip

Here is the Super 8 movie and the images that I describe in episode 53 of Matt Loves Cameras film photography podcast! My first Super 8 film https://youtu.be/iDFRcAY3quQ Contax G1 Pentax Espio Mini Mint RF70…Read more

[SOLD OUT] Purple Grain film photography zine

Purple Grain is the collaborative community film photography zine from the LomoChrome Purple competition. Listen to the second and final part of the judging by pressing the play button above. To view all the competition entries…Read more

Film Photography Quiz

Get your thinking caps on film photographers, it's quiz time! I've assembled 50 questions over ten rounds covering the following topics: Round 1: Locations of famous photosRound 2: Masters of photographyRound 3: Camera brandsRound 4:…Read more

Sprocktastic 2020

Sprocktastic 2020 is here! Dust off your best sprocket-making camera and join the fun! Below are rules for the competition and details on how to enter. Check out the Sprocktastic 2020 entries so far -…Read more

Konica Big Mini: fun but fragile

The Big Mini is a compact 35mm point and shoot camera launched in 1990 by Japan’s oldest camera company, Konica. It's super fun, but unfortunately, it has a reputation for dying. Is the Big Mini still worth buying in 2020 and beyond? Read more

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