Psych Blues film review

In this episode I review another pre-exposed film: Psychedelic Blues #2.  Check out the photos that I took with this fun, colourful film.

I also read some wonderful letters from listener Alan Daly – a former Polaroid sales rep from the UK! Make sure you check out Alan’s photos below, published with his kind permission.

Summary of episode 13 of Matt Loves Cameras

  • Psychedelic Blues film
  • Overview of pre-exposed films
    • Companies selling pre-exposed film
    • Typical costs
  • Why shoot with a pre-exposed film?
  • Differences between Yodica film that I shot and Psych Blues
  • Explanation of how Psych Blues is made
  • Description of Psych Blues #2
  • Lovely letters from listener Alan Daly in the UK. Alan is a former Polaroid sales rep! Check out the photos below!

Images I shot with Psych Blues film on an Olympus MJU II / Stylus Epic

My daughter at the shops – next time I will shoot a whole lot more portraits with this film!

William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane

Cinemas in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane


Pretty flowers outside the Treasury Hotel, Brisbane

More pretty flowers outside the Treasury Hotel, Brisbane

Ford Mustang for sale!

Rear section of the Ford Mustang

Check out these amazing Polaroid images courtesy of Alan Daly

Thanks so much to listener Alan Daly for getting in touch and giving me permission to share these amazing photos he took!

Wakka wakka! It’s Fozzie Bear! Check out the transparent 660 camera in the bottom right of this image.

UK Polaroid sales conference in Malta, August 1981

Alan’s self portrait!


Alan took this photo of Formula One champ James Hunt!

Join the dark slide… I mean dark side!