[SOLD OUT] Purple Grain film photography zine

Purple Grain is the collaborative community film photography zine from the LomoChrome Purple competition. Listen to the second and final part of the judging by pressing the play button above. To view all the competition entries and listen to part one of the judging, check out theLomoChrome Purple competition entries page.

Purple Grain is sold out

Fifty copies of Purple Grain have been sent out to addresses all over the world along with limited edition postcards and Matt Loves Cameras stickers and fridge magents.

Zine details

  • 21cm (8 inch) square zine, approximately 56 pages printed on uncoated paper.
  • Zines are expected to be printed towards the end of August. Zines will be posted all over the world by the end of September 2020. Allow one month for delivery.
  • All pre-orders will receive either a Matt Loves Cameras sticker or some art print postcards – subject to the weight of the envelope and while stocks last!
  • Images from the zine on this page are indicative only and *may* change before printing.

Sneak preview

Below is a sneak preview of some of the spreads in the zine – these may change before printing.

Pre-order now

US / International orders: $19.75 USD

For all US orders and all international destinations other than the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Price includes shipping and a copy of Purple Haze.

New Zealand orders: $24.50 AUD

For all New Zealand orders. Price includes shipping and a copy of Purple Haze.