Pantastic 2021-22 competition entries

Check out the final list of entries for the 2021-22 Pantastic competition!

The competition is a celebration of plastic focus-free panorama cameras. You can find out more about which cameras were eligible on the Pantastic rules page.

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Michael Hulland

Instagram @michael.shootsfilm

I used a Twinway Star camera. I shot on Kodak Gold 400 on a misty day. I went up to Sublime Point after work and then drove around to Coledale Beach for the final shot. I got the film developed and scanned with the legends at Rewind Photolab. Out of these 4 shots I think my favourites are the lost in the mist shot and the wave crashing shot.

Adrian Doyle

Instagram @doyleadrian

My pantastic camera is once again the lovely ansco pix panorama that I received in the 2018 Emulsive Secret Santa. Thanks Matt for the motivation to take this camera out for another spin.

Brian Smith

Instagram @seven9s.and10s

I was very excited to try out my new Ansco Pix Panorama camera. I have always loved the panoramic perspective since I was a kid looking a panoramic photos in museums. It was fun composing for the different proportion. I am a big fan of wanting to make the composition “in camera”. I also am a big fan of Lomography 400CN, which is the film I used for this project. I like having a project to shoot for, keeps the creative process fresh. All of the photos submitted were taken in my hometown of Kent, Ohio USA. i don’t have a favorite, I like them all for different reasons. I home developed and scanned this film. Just a touch of LightRoom and PhotoShop to crop and pop! LOL. Thank you for putting on this competition, I very much enjoyed it :)

Christian Gobel

Instagram @Filmfotografieliebe @The_Photonerd

The morning I picked up my Wide Pic Panorama camera, it was foggy down in the Main valley so I picked a roll of black and white film. Normally I shoot Ilford XP2 but in my cupboard there only was a roll of Ilford delta 400, most likely expired. I didn’t mind and took it. I went to work. When I left the valley the sun came out. I had to change my plan, no moody foggy photos but sunny morning photos. I passed an old meadow with scattered fruit trees and stopped for the first shoots. The sun was still very low so I also tried some shoots against the sun. I drove to work and worked a little too long as it was already autumn the day was short and the light was gone quite fast. I decided to explore nature from our company’s parking area. I failed hard as I wanted to take photos of the little stream a the parkdeck, the photos are mainly black. Finally I also managed to get some shots from here. And here my adventure ends for this roll of Ilford delta 400.

Christina Thomas

Instagram / Twitter @Chrnaturephotos

All photos were shot with the Vivitar IC101(I honestly love this little gem of a camera). I used lomography lomochrome purple (just love me some lomochrome purple), all pictures were developed by The DarkRoom Lab. My favorite is between the overview shot (small town) and the swing-set, I just love how the swing-set popped orange & I had a lot of fun doing this.

Steve Madsen

Instagram @stevemadsen13

I shot Kodak Pro Image 100 on a Cyprea 2-way camera (Made in China), and had the film developed and scanned by Grey Tones Photography Lab ( in Newcastle NSW.

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to shoot film without the need to fiddle with exposure or focus. I shot the roll over several days in different light conditions, and learned as much as i could about how to get the best out of my little plastic beauty. My favourite image is Morning Sky, I love how the clouds seem to reach across the sky on to the glass. Thanks Matt, a truly Pantastic experience and I’ve added a fun little camera to my kit.

Dale Willetts

Instagram @delusions_of_competence

Made with a Panamate wideangle a truly awful piece of plastic shite. A camera with a mind of it’s own that seems to decide for no reason at all whether its going to use a fast shutter speed a slow shutter speed or even bulb mode each time you press the shutter. Even though there is only one shutter speed and no electronics or automation of any kind.The colour shots are on Kodak gold 200 stand developed in Bellini C41 chems for 1 hour. The mono shots are on Ilford HP5+ stand developed for 2 hours in 1/100 Rodinal.

Dave Clark

Instagram @grumpy_old_man_with_a_camera

Good Day Matt, First I would like to thank Ken Bertram (@kenbertramphoto ) for the gifted “Panorama Wide Pic, Focus free with a panoramic lens” My Holga WPC and Wide were way over the weight class, Thank You Ken. The camera was a blast to shoot with out much care, as it is focus free, just have to remember to open the lens cover As I learned what a pain in the ass it is to rewind. The photos Alley Cat and Big boy were shot using Kodak Gold 200 vintage 2012 and the photos Portsmouth Lovers’ wall and William Bray Memorial Park were shot with Seattle Film Works 200 vintage 2000. They were developed at home in ECN-2 kit supply by Eric J (@conspiracy.of.cartographers ) Ally cat was shot in South Windsor, Connecticut. Big boy was shot in Chaplin, Connecticut, Portsmouth Lovers’ wall was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and lastly William Bray Memorial Park was in South Berwick, Maine. AS for naming a favorite, I name them all as I have always said “I shoot what I like and Like what I shoot” Keep up the good work Matt, enjoyed the challenge of shooting a Plastic craptastic pano camera. Can’t wait for the next challenge

Dave Mihaly

YouTube / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter @theoldcameraguy

I loaded my trusty Ansco Pix Panorama with Kodak Ultramax 400 for this shoot. As always, this underrated little gem was a joy to shoot. I processed the roll with my CineStill C-41 kit and then scanned the images with my Epson V550, using EpsonScan 2 software. My favorite image is “Tracks Of My Tears” as it features my favorite person (my wife). In a nice moment of serendipity, a light rain appeared as I was parking the car near the train tracks. My wife grabbed an umbrella, which was just the right element to finish the scene. Without the rain, there would have been no umbrella, and this would have been a different image altogether.

Malcolm Kingswell

Malcolm Kingswell

Flickr Bojangle1

All these images were taken on a Readers Digest Panoramic Camera which was a giveaway camera in the 1970’s when you subscribed to the periodical “Readers Digest” The cameras sell for about £5 UK pounds on ebay which is just as well because the last image of the four is the very last image that camera will ever take “Last Readers Digest Ever”. On the day I was at Dungeness beach which is a surreal area classified as a desert and protected by law from any additional buildings being built. The collection of buildings that exist are eclectic and variable depending on the age and use that was required at the time, which was mainly to support the seafaring community.All Images were taken on Kodak Gold expired 2007. “TimeTravel” is a double exposure with the first image taken at Cardiff hospital while I waited for my wife to have some dental treatment, I thought it appropriate that she should be the second exposure on the image during a walk on the beach at Mwnt in West Wales. “Beach Boiler” is a similar double exposure this time combining an image of the boiler room at the aforementioned hospital combined with an image of Llangranog front which is also in West Wales. “Dungeness” This image is truly remarkable for the quality of the camera and lens which of course is pretty awful for a giveaway camera but it shows what can be done with the right light conditions and a lot of luck, especially considering the use of expired film that had been purchased from a boot sale and hadn’t been stored with any care. “Last Reader Digest Ever” was taken shortly after the previous image and was the last frame on the roll. As is often the case with cheap cameras the rewind process was difficult and progressed to impossible when the force required to rewind broke the tiny handle on the rewind knob.It could have been salvageable if it hadn’t been a shingle beach. I did look for lost part in the shingle for about 10 seconds before resigning the camera.I opened the camera in a dark bag and rewound the film by hand…….Time to buy a replacement I think.

François Laverdure

Flickr Flaver-D

Bonjour! For this experiment, I decided to dig once more into my big box of cheap cameras and use one that I’ve never tried before. I settled on a Champagne colored Vivitar IC-101. At first I thought that the color would make it somehow more “luxurious”, so I headed to the most luxurious place in the area; namely the LUX terminal at the airport. Well… OK, the terminal is still under construction and the camera isn’t as nice as it could have been, but what was I to expect from a camera that contains so little metal that it wouldn’t even trip a metal detector! I was expecting the lens to be a bit on the dim side, so I loaded some Arista.EDU 400 ISO film in it; wise choice but I feel I would have been better off pulling the film to EI 250 as it would have given me a greater tonal range to work with. The day was a typical Canadian November day, windy and on the cold side; but at least we had some sunshine. The airport area was empty except for some nervous squirrels who were trying to fill their pantry for the winter. When I came back home, I promptly developed it in Rodinal as I was really curious to see if it worked. And work it did, light leaks and all. I did a quick scan to make an index print but it took me a few days to do the final scans. I was surprised by how chunky the grain was. In the end, while I’m really proud of the terminal reflecting in a puddle, but I’m quite fond of the backlit grasses. The extra graininess does lend itself really well to the subject making the whole thing really soft and sweet. Will I re-use that camera? Probably, but not before I figure out where the light is seeping in. Cheers from South of Montreal! (and for fun, just try and get your guests to pronounce the real name of the city: Longueuil. as in long-oeil ) :-)

Jodi Benaroch

I had so much fun with the double exposures I did for the Purple competition that I decided to do an entire roll of panorama double exposures this time! I used two “twins”–an Ansco Pix Panorama, and a nearly identical The Nature Company promotional camera. I ran a roll of Fujicolor Superia 400 through both cameras. I did not mark the first frame, so the frames overlapped randomly, making cropping a somewhat subjective task. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of these experiments. Photos were taken around town, showing some of my usual favorite subjects. Film was developed and scanned at home. My husband came up with the title for “Rapunzel’s Revenge,” because of the two towers.

Ken Bertram

Instagram @kenbertramphoto Flickr Ken Bertram

I used the Ansco Pix Panorama with Ilford HP5. All images were home developed and in HC110. I really enjoy using this camera for it forces me to use previsualization techniques before I snap the photo making sure I get the right composition within the frame lines. My favorite photo of the bunch is the one title Shenandoah taken during a camping trip in October. Matt many thanks for this competition it is always a favorite of mine and of course the podcast.

J.M. Golding

I used an Ansco Pix Panorama with Tri-X that had expired in 2013. I developed the film in HC-110 (dilution H) for 12 minutes. I liked using the camera for all the reasons I that like plastic cameras in general. I found the format challenging, though. I initially thought that “One morning it broke open” was my favorite, but now I’m not so sure – the other ones have grown on me. (By the way, “One morning it broke open” is a bit oddly shaped because it was the 37th frame on the roll). I kind of like the softness and flare in “Unexpected truth.” “The steeper the hill” was inspired by the brilliant work of Jim Rohan, who does this way better than I do



Tom Napier

Instagram @tommy_napier Flickr Tom Napier

Hi Matt here we are again for another round of Pantastic. Unfortunately it will be the last for my cheap plastic, no brand, pano camera. Major malfunction required a bit of dark bag dancing to retrieve the film from the very, very jammed camera. All photos were shot with iso 400 Kodak Gold and home processed with FPP ECN-2 Def kit. First photo was shot on the banks of Breakfast Creek and I think is my favourite, the boats in a row end to end makes good use of the wide view. Next is a view of Sandgate beach clearly closed for Revegetation. Next is one of the best spots on the north side for sunsets. Shot from the Redcliffe end of the old Hornibrook bridge, across North Pine River, Some nights you can see the Glass House Mountains in the back ground. Lastly, another shot of Sandgate beach with my Grand Daughter Paige taking in the view. Well there you go, looking forward to seeing the other entries. Regards. Tom.

Lucy Lumen

Instagram @lucy_lumen YouTube Lucy Lumen’s Analog Adventures

I used the Panorama Wide Pic camera with Kodak Ektar 100 film. These images were developed and scanned by my local Camera House store. The image titled “Overpass” is my favorite and I love the bright white pillar against the clean blue sky. I find Ektar to be a great match when it comes to capturing the harsh sunshine of Queensland and the way it renders the blue of our beautiful skies is unbeatable! I was very surprised at the quality and sharpness of these shots considering the Panorama Wide Pic has a plastic lens and is obviously a very cheap camera. I attribute that to the film stock mostly and the bright conditions I shot in. This was intentional and part of my decision making process when approaching this camera and competition. I had a few other shots I was really fond of but sadly they were unusable due to, as Steve Madsen put it, “a wayward finger” in the shot. Overall I had lots of fun shooting with this camera and it goes to show you don’t need a Leica to get banger shots!!! :) Thanks Matt

Robert Rubin

Instagram @robert_rubin_photo

Shot with the Panorama Wide Pic sent to me by Ken Bertram (thanks Ken!). Shot on FPP Svema color 125. Home developed with a Unicolor c41 kit. Scanned on a v600. I was pleasantly surprised by this camera and film combo. I had no idea what to expect shooting with this funky plastic camera and film I’ve never used before. I liked a handful of shots on this roll but figured I’ll just send my favorite one. This was taken when visiting dad’s parents’ gravesite in New Jersey on a crisp fall morning. Changing leaves and headstones. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere (lol). I just like the peaceful feel of the scene and the colors of the trees. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiring me to be creative. Cheers!

Sely Friday

Instagram / Twittery @selyfriday

This year I had a broken foot for 75% of the time limit, and it was grey season here in the Netherlands. Both not conductive for shooting. I was able to shoot two rolls. These three images are all for the same roll of expired Fuji C200 on a surprisingly sunny day. Taken on what I call my ‘Panche’ (Widepix focus free plastic panorama). Developed at home with Caffenol (Delta STD recipe) for 9 minutes @ about 20˙C. I think my favourite of the three is the ‘White Dot Echo’ (of the Zaan River with pylon in background)

William Foster

Instagram @fostewi_film

Hi! So just like the lomo purple contest where I shot my first roll of lomo purple inspired by the contest, I purchased my first plastic pano camera, again, inspired by this contest…the vivitar ic101. I tried 3 rolls…Kodak gold 200, Ilford HP5 and lomo purple. In all 3 cases I developed at home and scanned with my Epson V550. And in all cases I was not all impressed at first. I’m certainly not someone who is obsessed with sharpness, but I did find the overall softness unappealing and distracting right away and unlike the Holga where it seems be add a little something extra to it, I didn’t really get that vibe here. However, I did find that I really enjoyed the panoramic form factor, and was especially surprised by how much I enjoyed shooting it vertically. When it came to trying to select 4 photos for this submission, it because much tougher then I expected, and really forced me to look back again at the photos I had originally so quickly dismissed, and they really started to grow on me. I am sure I will try this camera again..but even more so, I hope to someday find something similar in the pano format, but with just a little bit better image quality (and some exposure and focus control would be nice too!). Thanks for hosting these contests…they have been inspiring me to try something new, and I have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about everyone else’s work as well. Cheers, William!

Erika Jensen

Instagram @erikashootsfilm

Hello from Canada! Here are my entries for the Pantastic 2021 competition. When I came across a cheap little Wide Pic Panorama camera at a thrift store a few years ago I never would have guessed I would eventually use it to enter a photo contest, but here we are! These images were taken on Fuji Superia X-tra 400 while out for a drive with my Dad. We often go on adventures together, exploring the back roads and small, nearby towns here in the eastern province of New Brunswick. While this camera doesn’t come close in quality to most, if not all of my other cameras, I appreciate it’s quirkiness and plastic charm. Hope you enjoy!

Matt Jones

Flickr mjones41

Ansco pix panorama, Delta 400. The camera is nice and light drop it in your pocket when out bicycling. I wish it had a bulb mode and tripod mount, that could really expand it’s usefulness. I like the bus stop the best, I don’t want you to read any of this :)

Ken Tuomi

Instagram @marshalldalmatiankentuomi

All images were shot on the pantastic Ansco PixPanoramaFlash (sans battery). “Walking an old friend” was shot on an old roll of Lomo 800, the remainder were shot on Lomo 400; had to go high ISO, it’s dark up here in winter. I greatly enjoyed using this camera over last year’s choice, the Jazz 207 (waving hands here); just keep your fingers well back from the lens. All are home developed while listening to SomaFM Secret Agent and enjoying a tasty beverage. I do love shooting in colorful light, most of my subjects are plants; the backlit “Veil of Katsura” leaves were gorgeous and the yucca in the “Street corner” demanded my attention. “Aww F it” was some incomplete lane marking I drove by a dozen times before deciding to shoot it. I think my favorite is “Walking an old friend” which was one of those spontaneous moments with human interest that was shot with the last image on the roll. Close as I get to a Fred Herzog moment.

Ian Wallace

Instagram / Twitter @ian_onahillroad

The Panaroma Wide Pic camera belonged to my mother who died in 2007. I’ve had the camera kicking around since then. It had a roll of Kodak Royal 200 film in it and I was reluctant to use it. Anyway, I thought for this years Pantastic I’d just burn through what was left and see if I could get anything to send you. There were one or two of my mums from holidays at the start and most of my pictures from a late October afternoon were terribly underexposed. The film was developed by SilverPan in Bristol. These two have a little something about them but to honest they were really all that came out. Perhaps you like one of them. Both were taken by the Kennet and Avon Canal Near Newbury, England. I’m sure Mum would have been amused I’ve sent them to you.

Scott Riess

Instagram @scottfromupstate

I bought a really cheap used plastic camera from a camera store in Elmira, in upstate New York, US. The store owner didn’t know what it was and neither do I (it has no company name on it, but it does have a panorama mode where it drops blinds). I wasn’t sure about the focal length or shutter speed or anything! Total experiment. The film is Lomography Purple, and the film was processed by The Darkoom. The images are from a weekend with friends in the Catskills.

Stephen Marmaroff

Instagram @developing_monochrome

I took a day trip to New York City with the family and went to the 911 Memorial for the first time… I actually did enjoy using the Ansco pix, And was very surprised with the results… A home developed an HC 110 solution b. The first shot of the bicycle was at the train station and the light was just right. I knew it was going to be a good day of shooting from the very first frame.

Susan Liepa

Flickr sliepa

I bought a Vivitar PN2011 camera for this challenge as I didn’t have any other camera that would fulfill the requirements. The hardest part for me was to think of subjects or places that would make good panoramic subjects, that had long lines. I decided to shoot 2 rolls, one color and one black and white. I used Fujiilm Color ISO 200 and Ilford HP5 ISO 400 (which I got free and had never shot before). I went to Dana Point Harbor and decided my best subject was the returning sailboats. I sat by the edge of the waterway for about an hour shooting various boats returning from the sea. I also shot the moored boats in the East Basin where there’s almost always paddleboarders and boats coming in and out. Since I was running out of time to meet the original November deadline, I took the color photos at a nearby park not really having any good ideas what to shoot but I like the 2 color photos I got. I wasn’t that happy with the results from Ilford HP5 and wish I’d grabbed a different film although I like the subjects and composition. My favorite of the 4 is the color photo of the path and wooden railing in the park. It has a 3-dimensional look. I was surprised how sharp the color photos came out. I will definitely shoot more film in the Vivitar PN2011 although it seems like quite a flimsy camera. Both rolls of film were developed by The Darkroom in San Clemente, California.

Chris Allen

Instagram @babyzephyrphotography

25 mm Plastic Panorama Camera off ebay- $30.. Kodak Gold 200. Very strange camera to use, very plastic and felt like a toy. Developed at Wades Cameras Gold Coast. My fav is Rusting Beauties.Photo taken at Peak Hill – Newell Hwy N.S.W.. This yard has been sitting same untouched for at least a decade. Notes on other images– Brick wall taken on Burleigh Gold Coast Qld — Beach Boat taken Labrador -Gold Coat Qld– Gas or Grass Peak Hill N.S.W.


Jack Johnson

Instagram @the_real_knapjack Twitter @knapjack

I used a banana yellow Halina Ansco Vision Compact 35. The camera has seen better days. The door has a little play, causing the frame counter to skip and a couple of frames to overlap. Tape would help. I shot a roll of Kodak Gold 800 that expired in ’06, developed at Omega Photo in Seattle because I was standing there and they were very nice. Two of the images were shot at St. Joseph Cemetery next to the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the third image was shot at the mall. My favorite image of the three is Sister Catherine, I think the angle and the shadows add to the atmosphere. Some podcasters think I live in Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories, but I actually live in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Casey Hall

Instagram @thejunkbookjournal

Greetings from Clarksville Tn, images were shot on two different cameras and two different films. The first roll was some Fuji Superia 400???….in last year’s reining loser camera, the Jazz 206. The second camera/film combination is the Ansco Pix Pano with Fuji Acros 100II. Shortly after the extension, I came across the Ansco Pix for a few dollars and decided to shoot a second roll seeing we now have a year to submit the photos. The Acros was my first ever home developed roll in my lifetime. It turned out descent minus the hour I spent with my hands in a dark bag trying to load it on the reel, all while sipping whiskey through a straw. As I got more frustrated and drunk, things got progressively worse inside the bag, so cheers to all the scratches and stress bends I put on my images. The color film was of course lab developed and home scanned. Not sure how the colors got that saturated but I seem to have gotten the same results from last year’s Jazz 206 color shots. Anyhow, thanks for putting this thing together once again, and stay safe out there. P.S. The Ansco Pix Pano is far superior to the Jazz 206 without question.


Richard Hall

Twitter @richardhall Instagram @connexions

I used a Halina Panorama and Kentmere 400, developed at home in Bellini Hydrofen. The pictures were all taken in spring sunshine on the island of Anglesey in North Wales on my first campervan trip of 2022 a couple of weeks ago. I’ve included some Welsh in the image titles because I’m evil and look forward to hearing it butchered on the podcast. I think my favourite image is the Sand Dunes, but I don’t know that I could tell you why. I’m hopeless at articulating that sort of judgement.

J. M. Golding

I used an Ansco (no Pix) Panorama and Kodak TMax 100 that expired in January 2011. Since I’ve been unable to find the panorama mask for this camera for a long time, I made a cardboard mask for it and used that. I’m unreasonably proud of its uneven borders. I stand developed the film in Rodinal 1+100 for an hour. I think that “Late afternoon reflection” is my favorite of these, but that may be partly because I was so happy to be at the beach.

The quiet of the evening
Late afternoon reflection
Buttercups and oak
The light in the tree

Paul Hynes

Flickr pfhynes

I used a Halina panorama camera and ilford hp5+ film. These were lab developed. My favourite of these images is 09. This is a house in my home village of Skellow, South Yorkshire. This house was an inn during the English civil war and Oliver Cromwell stayed here, close to where a cannon battery was placed to protect the Great North Road. 04 is also in my village, just up the hill from the former inn. 15 was taken in Skopje, North Macedonia. I loved the long line of Macedonian flags in front of the parliament building. 19 is of the National Library of Kosovo in Pristina. Unfortunately, on returning to Skopje from Pristina, I knocked my Halina off the kitchen table and popped the back open, hence the light leak in the photo.

Mike Perris

Instagram @perro307

Having seen the deadline for panoramic challenge had moved to April I had to have a go !. I used a panoramic wide pic, which looks almost brand new and came in an eBay joblot. I used colourcare 200 prima which had expired in 2003 . 24 exposures It was my first go at shooting panoramic so a lot of it was guesswork . I was just hoping for some in focus shots . The film was developed at my local camera shop (London camera exchange) and scanned at home using Epson v350. Think my favourite is the harbour House shot as it’s probably the only 1 properly in focus.

Adam Bennett

Instagram as @daisybennett.thecorgi but it’s just for Daisy, our corgi.
Glass as @broben2of3

Ultronic Panoramic, Kodak Vision3 500T, developed and scanned at home. My favorite is the brown grass in the sun. It turns out I really like the panoramic format and the camera is so simple to use. I did have a few underexposed images on the roll.

Molly Kate

Instagram / Twitter / YouTube: @eclectachrome

I used the wonderful “Panorama” black version camera, which I still can’t believe images came out of!! The images were from the first test roll with this camera using expired Agfa Vista 200 film. Shot around the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and developed at Analogue Wonderland Lab in the UK. I really like the first one with the railing stretching into one of the spires of the stadium. AMAZING how much you can fit in the photo!

Billy Sanford

Instagram @bsanfordjr

Hello Matt – Thank you for running the competition. I used the Ansco Pix Panorama loaded with AgfaPhoto APX 400 which I developed at home in D-76. The images were taken in the general Birmingham, Alabama area in the United States. I suppose my favorite was the Five Cent Coke image just because the scene lent itself well to the panoramic format. When I’ve shot this scene square, there is always more foreground or sky than I would prefer. Cheers, Billy

Travis Patterson

Instagram @analogtownie

Hello, everyone! Long time shooter; first time submitter. I became aware of the podcast and competition by way of Lucy Lumen, and I’m already a big fan! (Am I swaying the judging yet?)

This process was very enjoyable. I wasn’t familiar with any of the cameras on the approved list, so I did some research and looked through sample photos from each and I felt the Ansco Pix Panorama fared best in terms of – relative – sharpness and contrast. I picked one up for a few dollars US and attempted to counteract the loss in saturation and contrast by going with Kodak Ektar 100. I think it paid off.

I am from a section along the gulf coast of the US known as the Emerald Coast in Pensacola, FL. I took 36 exposures within an hour of my home and had them developed and scanned at Calagaz Photo – our local pro photography store.

Image 1: “Pensacola Florida”

Our town has a ton of murals. We have a burgeoning art scene and it has spilled out onto the restaurants around town. I’ve passed this fence many times and loved the colors and nods to the Beach Ball painted water tower on our beach, the US Navy Blue Angels demonstration jets, and our historic lighthouse. And yes, it is the fence of a new Mexican Restaurant – Papa’s Tacos!

Image 2: “I Told You Not to Let Me Park the Boat”

This picture was taken on Navarre Beach. I saw a couple exit a path I’d never seen on the sound side of the island and chose to follow it. It opened up to the water with this beached vessel lying on the sand. I shot off a few images and headed back just in time for a couple of tourists to exit the trail and spot the boat. I remarked to the husband that I did the best I could, but it got away from me. 

Image 3: “Reading A Book”

Quite a bit of my professional work is real estate photography for higher end beach properties, so I’ve spent a lot of time in homes and condos along the coast. I knew I would want to take the Ansco with me on a day of shoots. It was a beautiful day, and our turquoise and deep blue gulf was showing off. The gentleman sitting and reading his book never even looked up. Must have been a pretty great book.

Image 4: “Where Bezos Will Land His Rockets”

While undergoing conversion as Blue Origin’s rocket landing platform and recovery ship, the Jacklyn is docked at the Port of Pensacola right at the end of Palafox Pier. I tried to time the shot to capture the runner and her dog in the shot in front of the ship as well as some pigeons I spooked. Fun fact: The ship is named after Jeff Bezos’ mom.

Thank you for hosting this competition, Matt. I really enjoy following along on the blog and seeing the wonderful submissions.


Aki Soga

Instagram @capturedbyfilm

No brand ‘Panorama’ camera with ‘non sphere optical lens.’ It had two-tone rattle – a heavy rattle like something significant had come loose and a smaller one as if a part had broken off. Also the door latch was iffy so I had it held shut with masking tape. Shot on expired Fujicolor 200, developed by my local lab, LeZot Camera (@lezotcamera), in Burlington, Vt. The lighting was less than optimal and I didn’t know how old the film was (found it in the back of my fridge, but chose it because it was a 24-frame roll) and I made things worse by choosing to shoot at sunset. The photos are of Lake Champlain from the Vermont side with a thin sheet of ice taken in January. We had a warmish winter so the Broad Lake never really froze over. Some years, people try to walk across to New York.

Paulo Dias

Instagram @metallico34

In the morning, I picked up my Wide Pic Panorama camera and went to the Belgian coast. I picked up a roll of Fuji C 200 color film as the day was sunny with a blue sky. It was a first time too shoot panoramic and it was a good experience. Because, I’m not working at the moment, I have the opportunity to go out and take pictures. I love all the pictures that I took and I went to the Studio Baxton in Brussels to get them developed. I would like to thank Matt Murry Pantastic 2021-22. Thank you for putting my pictures into this competition.

Christina Thomas


I used the Ansco Pix camera. I honestly did enjoy shooting with it. The film I used was Lomography Lomochrome Purple. All photos developed by The DarkRoom Lab. My favorite shot is of the Friends-Concord Lighthouse shot. I enjoyed doing this competition, it was a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next one.

Michael Adam


Hi There !!! Firstly, I bought this camera for the competition. I would never have considered such a POS, however I do enjoy the challenge of shooting with it. The camera was bought on Evil Bay and has an interesting owner. The camera was from a collection in the estate sale of the eminent historian Eaton S. Lothrop Jr. He was a camera enthusiast, with a passion for box cameras, amateur and single use cameras (Eaton Loves cameras???). He started the worlds first periodical Photographic Collectors Newsletter(1968 through 1975). He spent 18 years as contributing editor of Popular Photography and was President of the Photographic Historical Society of America. He also wrote many books, among then ‘A Century of Cameras’ (1973); ‘The Secret Cameras’ (1978); ‘The History of Photography as Seen through the Spira Collection’, amongst others.

I was happy to win the bid for the camera, and figure if it was good enough for Eaton S. Lothrop Jr, its good enough for me. Anyway, I offer two B&W & two colour photos for the competition and I like them all and don’t really have a favourite. All photos taken with abovementioned Ansco Pix Panorama camera. All were home developed using CineStill Cs41 kit for colour film, and CineStill Df96 Monobath (Single Step) kit for B&W film. (Great products to use) All were home scanned using Epson Perfection V850 Pro scanner.

Photo 1: A picture of a crazy, windowless barn near Captains Flat (NSW), (wonder what goes on in there); Film was Kodak Pro Image 100. Photo 2: A Minimalist shot of a windsurfer on Merimbula Beach in southern NSW. Film was Kentmere 400 B&W. Photo 3: A classic Lincoln Continental, shot in Fyshwick (ACT). Film was Kodak Pro Image 100 Photo 4: Shot on Pambula River (NSW) showing a bird in a Boat at an Oyster farm, as Darryl from the Castle would say, ‘How’s the serenity’; Film was Kentmere 400 B&W Anyway, hope these shots are good enough for the zine and I really do enjoy listening to the show.

Matt Murray

Instagram / YouTube / TikTok @mattlovescameras

I took these photos on my Ansco Pix with Kodak Ektar 100. Honestly I was a little disappointed with some images on the roll, but as I sifted through them I found four images for the comp.

Matthew Joseph

Instagram / Twitter @fotodudenz

Dear Matts

Please find attached a link to four images including at least one winning entry, possibly four.
Three of the four images were taken in late twenty-one, I think, and the fourth of the four was taken in early twenty-two, which makes for a total of forty-seven. Four and seven are thirteen and three and one makes, you guessed it four. As far as numerology goes I am a nine.
One and two were taken immediately after one of the many lockdowns in twenty-two here in Melbourne. Three was taken in Apollo Bay, a two hours and forty-eight minutes east of Melbourne and was one of the few times the craptastic out-performed the Xpan (fill in your bingo card) and four was taken in the Melbourne CBD with foxfins.
Looking forward to 22/23 already?