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Mint InstantKon RF70 review: the first Instax Wide camera with manual controls

Dawn at Victoria Point, handheld ND grad filter over lens

Three months in… here’s my Mint InstantKon RF70 review! The RF70 is the first fully manual Instax Wide camera, straight outta Hong Kong! I have used this camera mainly for travel and landscape photography. It’s good… but is it $1000 USD good? Have a listen and find out!


Images discussed in this episode

Boats at Victoria Point
1/250 second at F16 using ND4

Boats at Victoria Point
1/125second at F16 using ND4
This one is maybe a little overexposed, but I like it!

Boats at Victoria Point
1/500 second at F16 using ND4. A little too dark!

Dawn at Victoria Point, handheld ND grad filter over lens

Dusk at Victoria Point. This image has the most amount of likes on my @mattlovesinstant Instagram profile – this is where I post all my RF70 and other instant photogrpahy.

I LOVE the moodiness of this image! This was taken out of a gondola as we were heading up the Grindewald First in Switzerland.

Correct exposure settings used with ND8 using 1/500 second shutter speed… kinda dark and vignetted!

My little bulb exposure experiment! I put the RF70 on a post in the middle of the street and pressed down the shutter for 2-3 seconds. I got traffic trails and some cool multicoloured lights.

I loved riding the trams in Hong Kong! This shot was taken moving slowly along Central, with my camera hanging out the back window!

Shallow focus flowers on the edge of Lake Lucerne. I’m not sure I quite nailed the focus of the flowers given the shallow depth of field (they were swaying in the wind!) but I still love this shot.

Super hot day in Hong Kong – a quick pic of the fam at the Flower Market!

I love the colour of these hydrangeas! This scene was outside the barn we stayed at in our first week in England. I shot this at f6.7 from memory, I love the way the RF70 has rendered the scene.

Handsome Rogue Junior at the Coochiemudlo Jetty!

In Shrewsbury I loaded up a new pack of Instax Wide, but after four or five attempts at trying to eject the dark slide through the RF70, nothing was happening. I jiggled the dark slide a little, but obviously too much… pack ruined!