Matt Loves Panos 2020 zine project

Hello pano lovers! Thanks so much for taking part in the Matt Loves Panos 2020 challenge. 

If you’d like to see a zine made out of these wonderful panos, read on! 

Proposed zine details

  • A5 landscape zine: 210mm wide (8.2 inches) and 148mm high (5.8 inches) to showcase the pano format. 
  • Each page will showcase a single pano photo surrounded by plenty of white space.
  • Underneath the photo I will list the photographer’s name, the location of the photo, the camera and the film, and a Twitter, Flickr or Instagram handle.
  • The zine will be approximately 36 pages with a slightly thicker cover. 
  • The zine will be printed on uncoated paper. 

Estimated zine costs

Based on a print run of 15 copies, the cost of the zine – including shipping and PayPal fees – is estimated at:

  • Australia $12 AUD
  • UK £10.15 GBP
  • USA / all other countries: $12.75 USD 

The zine will only go ahead if:

  • We get permission from majority of people who have taken part in the challenge. 
  • If we receive a minimum of 10 preorders for the zine. 

Sounds great! How do I get involved? 

1) Check the details below 

Check your the details with your image below – I will need some help as some details are missing for some images. 

Is everything spelled correctly? Is the name of your camera and film correct? Do you have a better title for the image than the one listed?

If you have anything to add or correct, you can do that in the next step. If there’s more than one image listed, we will try to add all of them in the zine, but that will be dependent on space. 

2) Complete the permission form

Complete the permission form for your image to be included in the zine. On the form you can also give extra information that might be missing after completing step 1.  

3) Final check and preorders 

After I put together the zine, I will share a digital version of it so people can check everything before we hit the print button! I will also be calling for preorders at that stage – unless we get at least 10 preorders, the zine won’t be printed. 

The digital zine will also be made available to people who donate $3 to help support the running costs of the podcast via Ko-Fi. 


Dominick Chiuchiolo

Forgotten / Ansco Pix Panorama / Fuji Superia 400 / Flickr @djrocks66 

Michael Rosenbaum

Coral Springs, Florida / Ansco Pix Panorama Kodak Tri-X 400 / Twitter: @ratamm99


Tommy Napier

Kedron Brook Wetlands, Brisbane, Queensland / Panorama Optical Lens 25mm / Kentmere 200 /  Instagram: @tommy_napier 

Matt Evans

A run with a view, Wellington, NZ / Wide Pic Panorama / Fomapan 100 +1 stop / Instagram: @mattevansphoto

Joe Baker

Norwich, England / Widepic Panorama / Kentmere 400 / Instagram: @evil_chutney

Jr Wyatt

Old Beauty / Ansco Pix Panorama / Fuji C200 

Paul Wheeler

Sydney / Rollei Disposable / Rollei 400 / Instagram: @paulwheelerphoto 


Untitled (Ithuriel’s spear) / Vivitar PN2011 / Fuji Superia X-Tra /

Common fiddleneck and mustard

Matt Jones

Thailand / Ansco Pix Panorama / Lomo 400 colour film 

Antony Hands

Port Macquarie, New South Wales / Wide Pic Panorama / Kodak Portra 400 / Instagram @myinstantimages

Andrew Bartram

Wide Pic Panorama / 30 year old York colour film 

Andrew Spencer

Kaikoura / Panorama CL-168 / Kodak Ektar / Instagram: @asphotonz

Ken Bertram

Ansco Pix Panorama / Ilford HP5 / Instagram: @kenbertramphoto

Nigel Middleton

East Northamptonshire, UK / Halina Panorama (flipped lens) / Expired Fomapan 100

Casey Hall

Washington / Jazz 206 / Expired Fuji Superia 400 / Instagram: @thejunkbookjournal 

Dave Mihaly

So Inclined / Ansco Pix Panorama / Ilford HP5+ / YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr: @theoldcameraguy

François Laverdure

Montreal, Canada / Ultronic Panoramic / Arista.EDU 400 / Flickr: Flaver-D 

Phil Watt

Fixing the sink / Panoramic Wide Pic / Expired Ilford P4 surveillance film / Instagram @philmbot 

Meredith Wilson

Everything’s coming up Daisies… / Panorama Wide Pic / Ilford Delta 400 Pro / Instagram, Twitter: @merrimayhem

Dale Willetts

Go this way / Wide Pic Panorama / Kentmere 400 / Instagram: @delusions_of_competence

Sely Friday

Zero and The Moon – Netherlands / Wide Pic Panorama / Expired ISO 400 colour film in Caffenol / Twitter, Instagram @selyfriday

Coming and Going – Netherlands – Wide Pic Panorama / Expired ISO 400 colour film in Caffenol / Twitter, Instagram @selyfriday

Jack Johnson

Saskatoon / Wasilla, Alaska, USA / Vivitar IC 101 /  Ilford HP5 / Instagram @the_real_knapjack 

Jodi Benaroch

Atlanta, Georgia, USA / Ultronic Panoramic / Kodak 200 film

Michael Newman

Portland Head Light / Ansco Pix Panorama / Expired Konica Minolta Centuria 400 (expired 03/2008)

Flanagan Farm / Ansco Pix Panorama / Expired Konica Minolta Centuria 400 (expired 03/2008)

Jeremy Wong

Darwin, Australia / Wide Pic Panorama / Kodak Ultramax 400

Adrian Doyle

Lovely day for a protest (pre-covid era) / Ansco Pix Panorama / Fuji Superia 400 / Instagram: @doyleadrian

Ken Tuomi

Corona closed the Park, Volunteer Park, Seattle Wa USA, Jazz “Jelly” 207 Panoramic / Lomography 400 / Instagram @kentuomi

Paul Howell

Tideswell, Derbyshire, England / Vivitar IC101 / Fomapan ISO 200 

Graham Young

Unbranded plastic pano / Ultrafine Extreme 400 developed in Xtol / @grahamhomemadecamera

John Yau

Kodak Gold 200 / Instagram: @john_yau_artifexfoto

Anthony Chatain

Election day, Paris, France / 2 way camera / Expired Fuji 200 film / Twitter, Instagram @achatainfr

Matthew Joseph

Matt Murray