The 2020 Matt Loves Panos Plastic Pano Camera Challenge is now open

The idea for a pano challenge was suggested by my friend Antony who received a Wide Pic panorama in the Emulsive Secret Santa, from none other than Sunny 16 podcast host Graeme Jago. Antony also has a very nice Fuji 617, but for this competition, I have kept the barrier to entry low. Very low. Here are the details…

Competition rules

  1. The camera must be made of plastic.
  2. The camera must be fixed-focus.
  3. The camera must weigh less than 150grams / 5oz.
  4. The camera needs to be capable of taking images in panoramic format. (This means that it can either be a dedicated panoramic camera, or one that switches between full frame and panorama modes. This is usually achieved by a set of blinds or gates masking the top and bottom of the frame.)
  5. If the camera needs any kind of battery to operate, it’s not eligible to take part. You can always check with me if you’re unsure.

Cameras that are allowed for #mattlovespanos

Examples of eligible cameras include, but are not limited to:
  • Ansco Pix.
  • Hanimex Panorama.
  • Wide Pic Panorama.
  • Halina Panorama.
  • Ultronic Panorama.
  • Panorama Optical Lens 25mm.
  • Vivitar panorama cameras such as the IC101 and PN2011.
As long as you adhere to the rules above, you’re in.

Cameras that aren’t allowed 

  • No Xpan, Widelux, Linhof, Fuji, Horseman or Horizont cameras are allowed to take part in the challenge.
  • No Minolta Riva / Ps – they actually focus so they are way too good.
  • No fancy Olympus Stylus or Pentax zoom cameras with pano gates / blinds.
  • If your camera contravenes any of the 5 competition rules above, it’s out.

What about the Sprocket Rocket?

The Sprocket Rocket zone focuses, so it’s nowhere near crappy enough. Stay tuned though, I’m thinking of running another challenge very soon.

Fingal Head taken on the Vivitar IC101 Panorama with Ilford HP4.

Competition details

  1. Photos must be taken between 1 March 2020 and the closing date 30 June 2020.
  2. On or before the closing date, email up to four of your favourite images from your cheap plastic pano camera to mattlovescameras [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
  3. If possible, make your images a minimum of 3000 pixels on the long side. Crop out the black pano blinds area if you can before submission.
  4. Be sure to tell me where you took the photos, which camera you used and which film. You can also add your Twitter or Instagram details if you like.
  5. Images can be colour or black and white, and can feature any subject that shows off the panorama format well.
  6. As the entries roll in, I will feature them on the Matt Loves Panos 2020 competition entries page.
  7. If you’d like to share on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #mattlovespanos
  8. The prizes are as crap as the cameras. Matthew Joseph has donated the only official Sunny 16 podcast mug in existence. I am donating some film that fell down the back of my fridge.
  9. If we get a lot of entries (or a small number of amazing entries!) we can look at doing a zine of them.
  10. Judges are Xpan man Matthew Joesph and me, Matt Murray.
  11. The judges will also be shooting with plastic panos. We will send our portfolio of four images to a jury of seven (as yet to be determined) film photography podcasters.

Light, footloose and focus free!

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6 comments on “Matt Loves Panos: Plastic Pano Camera Challenge

  1. jolom Jun 6, 2020

    Hahaha, sounds fun! I’ve only got a few weeks to do it, but looks like the Ultronic Panoramic is gonna get its time in the sun!

  2. Michael Burke Jun 28, 2020

    Hi, I just got my “Panorama Wide pic” focus free camera yesterday and all I have id Ilford PanF+ (50asa) but the weather here is just terrible, dark, windy and constantly raining. Can you extend the closing date for a week so that I can precipitate, thanksp.s. i found you through “theoldcameraguy”

    • Matt Murray Jun 29, 2020

      G’day Michael! Great to hear you have a cheap plastic pano camera! I can keep entries open until 5 July, just before I do the judging special podcast! I hope that’s okay? Cheers Matt

  3. Matt, Matt, Matt…your weight limit prevents me from using the very plastic Vivitar VistaTele Tele-Wide Panorama; it comes in at 186 gm. I was so excited to zoom, err switch, from 35 to 70mm in Pano-mode. Don’t make me use the Jazz 207, a transparent pink Plastic fantastic. It’s just not manly.

    • Matt Murray Jun 29, 2020

      Ken, Ken, Ken… I’ve just googled the Jazz 207 and it looks great! Ha ha. Get out there and snap those panos! Challenge officially ends on 30 June but I can keep it open until 5 July, just before I do the judging special podcast! Cheers Matt