Get your entries in today for the Matt Loves Cameras Purple competition and zine!

Make sure you complete the Matt Loves Purple entry form – send up to four of your favourite Purple images to me before the deadline of 15 May 2021.

Further details about the comp and zine can be found on the LomoChrome Purple competition rules and information page. Judging will be in late May / early June 2021.

Zack Cyphers

Instagram: @themotorcyclelibrarian

I shot these on my Canon T90 at 400 ISO and had them processed and scanned by a camera store here in town. I’m still learning this camera, and I think I hadn’t metered some of these correctly. I don’t mind, though because it seems to have created an interesting effect. I used Lightroom sparingly to give the exposure a nudge in some cases.

Pat Bowden

Instagram: @patographics

All of these images were shot with a Canon EOS 5000 film camera, and developed at George’s Cameras in Sydney. I shot this roll at many different places, from Enmore and Newtown in the city of Sydney, to my hometown of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, and Bathurst a bit further out in the country. Lots of fun and will definitely shoot again!

Adrian Doyle

Instagram: @doyleadrian

Double exposure – the first exposure is a screen printed poster hanging in town of a girl coughing and what looks like covid particles coming out of her mouth and the second exposures are shots around town. I used a canon ft ql with 58mm lens shooting the whole roll and then reloading it for the second exposure (I shot two rolls this way and my back was killing me : ).

The poster is by @biovarg and I used my local shop southeastern cameras in Carrboro NC as the lab @sec_carrboro. My favorite is AdrianDoyleCovid-x-America.jpg the frames of the double exposure didn’t quite line up but ended up working as it shows a BLM mural at the top section and a American flag mural below and them combined with the coughing particles frame is perfect for the last 12 months

Bob St-Cyr

Instagram: @foto.bob

Mamiya C330 Pro S w/ 55 mm Mamiya-Sekor, Y2 & ND +10 stop filters, IS0 400, Sekonic L408 metre f/22 between 2-4 minutes and Sirui tripod. It was good. Processed at home in Cinestill C41 kit. Between the two, I lean towards the tall stump.

David Mihaly

@theoldcameraguy on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Flickr, and Clubhouse

All of these images were taken on my Pentax 67 with the 55mm f4 lens. I rated the film at ISO 320, developed it with my CineStill C-41 kit, and scanned the negatives with my Epson V550 using Epson Scan 2 software.

A little background on the images – “Into the Woods” pictures a row of trees at Ariel Foundation Park, which is an interesting mix of natural and industrial elements, including ruins of the old Pittsburgh Plate Glass Factory which once stood on this ground in Mount Vernon, Ohio. “Westinghouse Remains” features one of two remaining buildings of the sprawling Westinghouse Appliance Complex which once loomed large over the city of Mansfield, Ohio. “The Way” features a lonesome stretch of Richardson Road in Groveport, Ohio. My favorite image is “Sunset” which presents a brooding sky over the abandoned Sunset Drive-In movie theater in Ontario, Ohio

Roxanna Angles

Instagram @roxannalog

All of these were taken with my Canon AE-1 with Lomochrome Purple, shot at ISO200 (I think!) I develop all my film at home. Two of these were taken at home using water and flowers with a bit of creative lighting. The other was taken in San Diego CA at one of their beautiful parks. I love Lomochrome Purple and the dreams it creates on film.

Alan Ma

Instagram: @thefilmsweats

I’m actually in the process of writing up an article on this for the @pixels.grain blog (shameless plug!) – especially those night shots. The two daytime shots are on the rolleiflex 2.8E Planar, at iso 200. They were shot on a super windy stormy day at Dee Why beach in Sydney. I develop my own film, via stand develop c41 45 mins dev 45 mins blix, which I think helps make it more ‘forgiving’ of bad exposures. Also the colour shifts don’t matter when shooting this film! The moodiness, red flags and orange sand really made a great mix with the purple film and grain. I particularly like the way the seagulls ‘pop’ in the shot against the purple/grey rocks. the two night time shots were unexpectedly fantastic.

Never tried shooting this at night before. exposed at iso50 on the mamiya c220 with 55mm f4.5 sekor lens. Shot on the Anzac bridge in Pyrmont, Sydney. on a night walk with the pixels.grain crew – come join us some time! More details to come on our blog – you’ll have to check us out for the secrets of our night magic!!

Lisa J Brinkworth

Instagram @fox_35mm

Home developed in my bathtub! All shot at ISO 400 in my local area. I love how varied the effects are for Lomochrome purple.

Lucy Angel Egan

Instagram @lucille_2.0 @soulspit.jpeg

I was given a roll of LomoChrome Purple 400 ISO as a gift from a dear friend of mine. During lockdown I became fascinated with infrared photography so when I was gifted this film I couldn’t wait to paint the world in backwards colours.

I mulled over it for a while until I managed to get my hands on a Kiwiburn (New Zealand Burning Man) ticket. I knew that was where I needed to shoot this film, a purple portal to the paddock. Next was the great debate, what camera do I use? 5 days in the forest, no power, no showers, just a dusty kindney pocket strapped to my waist as I travel the festival. Do I risk my Pentax K1000 to orchestrate every detail of every picture as my perfectionist heart desires? With high risk of dirt, water, glitter and ash getting into the camera I was hesitant.

I settled on my Olympus Superzoom 70G (queue gasps from the audience at the idea of putting Lomo film in a point and shoot). I had taken careful consideration as to the experience of Kiwiburn, one of it’s burning principles being immediacy. Being present in the moment and existing just as you are, I couldn’t be fiddling to get my F stop right and miss what was happening right in front of me. It is also therapeutic to let go of control, often us film photographers can become such micro managers we are scared to not have governance over every setting in a photograph. I took this opportunity to leave only the composition under my control and surrender the rest to my 12cm x 6cm silver companion.

I lab developed my negatives and was speechless at the results. Each photograph told such a distinct narrative I was injected back into the festival. Moments that were captured participating, not just observing. One of my standout photographs was the of my best mate Angus. We had been sitting in the grass writing letters for the temple burn as Angus had been plucking leaves and strands from the ground unnoticed. As I finished my letter Angus slowly crawled forward as if stalking a silent prey. This was my first snap as he passed through a tunnel of light reaching for something I couldn’t see. When he sensed me watching he turned back, the same tunnel of light now dawning on his face, beard full of yellow flora. The last day of Kiwiburn Angus had ascended to his most vulnerable and comfortable forest self, you could see he was home.

Christopher James

Instagram: @filmplusdigital

These were made with the new-to-me Mamiya c330 and (mostly) the 135/f4.5 lens. The Pixels and Grain photo collective in Sydney organised a Lomo Purple night photowalk across Anzac Bridge just for this competition and it turned out to be a really tough night! None of the angles or frames we expected where possible, the light was terrible and the walk ended on a low energy note… which all changed when we started seeing the results. These were all metered at ISO 200 and I added a generous reciprocity-failure buffer as most frames were metered for >45 seconds.

The film was very kindly C41 home-developed and scanned by @thefilmsweats who did a beautiful job. I’m completely shocked and impressed that the images turned out at all, let alone as beautiful and interesting as they have. The scanned tiffs had a moderately green tint and have been lightly adjusted to enhance the purple / red, which is how I prefer them. These images are in order and sketch out the night walk. My favourite is the selfie at the end – we’re only missing the stellar @billthoo who was off making magic elsewhere at the time. Thank you for challenging us to get out there and find images – it turned out to be a real treat.

Richard Hall

Instagram: @connexions Twitter: @richardhall

St Chad’s and the Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury were taken on a Voigtlander Bessa folding camera, with entirely guessed exposure, having gone out without a meter. The pool and the cow were taken with a Nikon F801 and Sigma 24-70mm with the film rated at 400 I think. All developed at home with a Digibase kit, scanned on Epson Perfection V850. Hoping that some images from Shrewsbury might give you some nostalgic joy, Matt. My favourite is probably the Welsh Bridge.

Jessika Raisor

IG @jessikaanalogs

This was my first time using this film, and I shot it on an Olympus Stylus 120 point and shoot so I couldn’t set the ISO manually, no idea what the camera decided on! Photos were taken on April 17,2021. They were developed by The Darkroom.

I knew I wanted to try this film out at the zoo because 1) I’d never shot outside my local park and 2) I thought the animals and the various exhibit designs could look interesting with the color shifting! My usage of film is the most basic, I’m there to experiment (I can take a normal photo with my phone) and to capture memories without leaving the moment from taking a bunch of pics on my phone.

So my process follows that, I am artist so I still try to make sure the shot has an interesting composition going but I am a point-and-shoot person all the way. My favorite is Red Panda in the Sky, when we saw it I knew I had to get a picture of it, this is super zoomed in as well. That tree was very tall! But I love how this photo came out, because this was a sunny blue sky day but the lomochrome tanned the sky making this look like a beautiful sunset shot and the red panda and trees are almost perfectly in silhouette, gives it air of mystery and that it could have been an actual wild photo and not just a zoo! I think it’s definitely the best one and wouldn’t have looked as good shot on another kind of film.

Matt Evans

Instagram and Twitter: @mattevansphoto

I shot this roll with the ultimate hipster camera: a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm. All images were shot at 400iso and processed by my local lab This is only my second roll of purple film and I’m really pleased with the results, I don’t really shoot much specialty films as its hard to envisage the final outcome.

Col Taylor

Instagram: @coltaylorphotography

Here’s my 4 images from my Hassleblad Xpan, went down the the royal botanical Gardens here in Sydney NSW around with the iso settings and found that rated at around 200 worked best for me at 400 iso everything colour shiffted a lot as seen in two of the images . i will shoot this again but shoot the whole roll at 200. dev and scan by the lovley folks at Do Film Lab.

Nural Idrisoglu

Instagram: @nural_idr

These images were shot on 21 April 2021 in Turku, Finland, during one of my daily walks around the Koroinen village. I used a Leica M4P with an Industar 3,5/50mm lens. I mainly used f/8 or f/11 with 1/250, so I tried to treat the film as 200 ISO. I developed it at home using Tetenal Rapid C41 kit and scanned using Canon 9000F Mark II. They ended up being a bit grainier than I was expecting, but to be honest it was quite hard to narrow down to 4, I had at least 7 photos I was very proud of!

Mark Thompson

Instagram @fyldephoto

All the images were made around Blackpool, Lancashire, UK with a Hasselblad 501cm. This was the first time shooting with Lomochrome Purple so I did a bit of research and decided to expose it at ISO 200. It was quite an adventure as I’m mostly a monochrome film shooter. The film was home developed in Cinestill C41 kit and scanned on an Epson V750 Pro. I think that tulips are my favourite. My main impression is that this is a fun film but needs a sunny day for the best results – not that easy in the English spring.

Ken Bertram

Instagram @kenbertramphoto

Matt first I wanted to say that your competitions always push me to take photos that I wouldn’t normally do such as shooting Lomochrome purple this time of the year. I usually just bring it out in the summer. The pinhole was taken at the Lake Redman Bird View Deck. The camera used was the Holga Wide Pinhole and the exposure was 10 seconds. The rest of the images were taken on a Canon 7n with the Sigma 12-24mm lens. I shot Lomochrome Purple at E.I. 400 and I did overexpose some of the shots by one stop to try to increase the Aqua sky but I didn’t really see a difference between the two exposures. When I was a wee lad in the late 70’s and early 80’s my go to film was Kodak High Speed Infrared film, very difficult to use but the efforts were worth it and astonishing. There has been no film since that nor will there ever be one in the future. However LomoChrome Purple satisfies my photographic need for Infrared Film. I home developed all images and scanned the 35mm with a PrimeFilmXA scanner using VueScan Software. The 120 image I used the Canon 9000F. My favorite photo is the Gettysburg monument small in nature compared to that magnificent tree. And what has that tree seen and experienced in its entire history, makes me wonder.

Devon Christopher Adams

Instagram @devoncadams

Shooting on a Nikon AF600 in panorama mode, I made these photos on a day trip in early spring to southern Arizona in the States with my family. I developed in my kitchen with a UniColor kit and digitally scanned the photos myself. I love LomoPurple and also enjoy their RedScale, but bring back Lomo Turquoise. Long live Lomo Turquoise!

J. M. Golding

I bought a few rolls of Lomochrome Purple when it came back into production in 2019, and since then I’ve had it “on my list” to expose them. This competition was just the nudge I needed. For “In the valley of the imagination” I used a Holga 120S. For the other three images I used a Mamiyaflex C2 and rated the film at EI 400 (although “To hold a Spring moment” is one stop overexposed, so it would have effectively been at EI 200). I developed the film at home using a Unicolor K2 C-41 kit. I made the exposures in parks and nature preserves within a few miles of my home in northern California – with the exception of “To hold a Spring moment”, which I made in my backyard. I can’t possibly pick a favorite 🙂

Kalliopi Ioakeimidou

Instagram @myanalogueadventure

All these images were shot on Holga Micro-110 in Northern Greece, in March and April 2021.They were developed and scanned by Traia Photolab. I love the lo-fi aesthetics of this camera/film combo and how versatile the results can be in different lighting conditions.

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