Instax Square SQ6: a review of Fujifilm’s first fully analogue square film camera

Do you know the major difference between Polaroid and Instax images and how they develop? Find out as I review the SQ6, the first fully analogue Instax Square camera from Fujifilm.

I also give an overview of the history of integral film and offer my thoughts on how Fujifilm could take Instax to a whole new level.

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Summary of episode 3 of Matt Loves Cameras

  • Brief history of integral film: Polaroid / Kodak / Fujifilm
  • Key difference between how Polaroid and Instax images develop
  • Brief history of Instax film
  • Overview of Instax film sizes
  • Where I got my Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6
  • Fujiflm Instax Square SQ6 specs
  • What’s in the box
  • SQ6 camera modes
  • Description of instant photos
  • Camera ratings
  • My views on the future of Instax
  • Weekly update
    • Emulsive Secret Santa 2018 (see bottom of this page)
    • Matthew Joseph 2018 photo book (see bottom of this page)
    • What I bought this week
  • Full transcript for this show coming soon!

Buy the amazing Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Instax Square images described in this episode in order

Sideshow alley at the Royal Queensland Show

Ferris Wheel!

Spinny charlift ride! Sorry about the slightly dodgy scanning for this one :)

I wasted some film on the Kewpie doll macro shots! Didn’t quite nail it did I? More practice needed!

Love this one – auto mode selfie, check out the light trails!

Selfie mode selfie, no light trails! Noticeably closer with faster shutter speed.

My boy jumping off rocks on Karragarra Island

Macro shot of beach flowers… still didn’t nail this, but a better shot nonetheless.

Look at that beautiful water! Coochiemudlo Island

Woah… the green flash filter is on and that is a whole lotta green!

This is much better! Great exposure in A mode. No idea what has happened to Ian’s eye in this pic, will check the scan! He has two eyes I promise!

Group selfie! Not sure who is actually in focus?!

Daughter and I

Fill the frame! The Mrs with our boy

Chef is in the kitchen! Act cool… flash is off

Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I like it

Hmm how many artificial colours are in this ice cream?!

Slow shutter speed… must have turned the flash off!

First double exposure attempt

My favourite double exposure so far! Love this one of my boy against the tiles

Maybe I can create a side hustle teaching restaurant staff how to take better photos? ha ha!

Boys night in! No episode is complete without a photo of Marshall Dalmatian. Can’t believe I forgot to describe this one!