An epic battle between two premium and compact all stars: the Fujifilm Klasse and the Fujifilm Klasse S!

How much would you pay for a premium compact camera? $200? $500? $1000? Last year I bought not one, but two premium compact cameras, both made by the same manufacturer in the 21st century.

I am of course talking about the Fujifilm Klasse and the Fujifilm Klasse S. I shot two rolls of film side by side with these cameras to see if there was any difference in image quality. The biggest differences between the two cameras is actually the feature set. Which one is right for you?

I also talk about the rising prices of premium compact cameras and the BEST reason to choose a cheap point and shoot camera – expectations! Also listen to why it’s always best to thoroughly research which camera you’re buying.

Episode 6 summary

  • Introduction
  • History of the development of the Klasse camera in 2001
  • The Rollei AFM 35 is the same camera
  • Fujifilm colour reversal films (slide films)
  • 2001: the peak of colour film sales
  • Fujifilm Klasse S and Fujifilm Klasse W released in 2007
  • Specfications for Fujifilm Klasse and Fujifilm Klasse S
  • Similarities and differences
  • What they’re like to shoot
  • Discussion of the images taken with both cameras (see images below)
  • Expectations: the one big reason why a cheap point and shoot is your best friend!
  • Weekly roundup


Images taken with the Klasse and Klasse S

Check the captions for which camera was used.


Fujifilm Klasse S / C200

Fujifilm Klasse / Kodak Gold 200

Fujifilm Klasse / C200

Fujifilm Klasse S / Kodak Gold 200

Fujifilm Klasse / C200

Fujifilm Klasse / C200

Klasse (original) photographed by the Klasse S / Kodak Gold 200

Klasse S photographed by the Klasse (original) / Kodak Gold 200

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4 comments on “Fujifilm Klasse vs Fujifilm Klasse S: two premium compact point and shoot cameras

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, gonna check out this podcast now.

  2. matt jones Mar 7, 2019

    Another great show Matt. I agree with your point with regards to buying an expensive camera you expect more magic images. I also find using a crappy view finder, like a fuji gs690 I am often surprised by the images vs using something with a large bright view finder like a rollei tlr where everything looks great, but sometimes the images won’t live up to that view finder. I think I take too many shots when I have a brilliant finder šŸ™‚

    • Matt Murray Mar 10, 2019

      Ah thanks so much Matt, much appreciated! Yes… the curse of buying an expensive camera.. ha ha. I have a Rollei TLR which I am yet to master… I think I always shoot too narrow DOF on it. A medium format Fuji camera is on my wishlist! Have fun shooting that Instax Wide on holidays! šŸ™‚