Is the Pentax Auto 110 the best pocket camera ever?

Woohoo! The Matt Loves Cameras podcast is finally here! In the first episode I try out the smallest SLR and the interchangeable lens camera ever produced: the Pentax Auto 110. Hear my amazing insights into using this tiny camera, and my even more amazing attempts at describing the photos! Also keep listening for mention of my faithful companion: the one, the only, Marshall Dalmatian.

So is the Pentax Auto 110 the best pocket camera ever? Listen here or search iTunes for Matt Loves Cameras and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Images described in the show in order

The lovely Mona Sarah (not moaner Sarah!) Pentax Auto 110 with 50mm lens.

So I didn’t cut Marshall’s head off… the 110 film has not transported through the camera correctly! Look at his body under the frame!

Told you it was called Smellie & Co!

My boy in the garden. Mmm chocolate crackle!

My daughter doing sit-ups on a park bench: Pentax Auto 110 with 23mm lens and Lomography Color Tiger film.

Oasis among the skyscapers, Brisbane

In my garden, love the colours on this frame. What flowers are these?!

Up close and personal with Marshall Dalmatian – look at those gorgeous spots!

My boy at the seaside, Victoria Point, with Coochiemudlo in the background: Pentax Auto 110 with 18mm lens and Lomography Color Tiger film

Frisbee time!

Here’s that image of building reflections that I couldn’t describe very well!

Love this shot of my kids on the trampoline! Pentax Auto 110 with 18mm lens and expired Fujicolor film.

Camera ratings

How did the Pentax Auto 110 shape up against my completely made up and arbitrary ratings? It did pretty well!

  • Usability / performance: 19/25
  • Features: 17/25
  • Images: 16/25
  • Fun: 22/25

Camera rating: 74/100

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