About the podcast

Matt Loves Cameras features reviews of film camera reviews, instant camera and everything analogue photography related!

I’m Matt Murray, I’m a photographer and camera enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. In most episodes I will focus on a specific camera, talking about its history, features, what it’s like to use and what kind of photos you can expect from it.

In upcoming episodes I’ll feature all sorts of cameras including some 35mm and 120 roll film classics: Rolleiflex Grey T, Lomo LC-A, Instax Wide, Olympus MJU, Fujifilm Klasse S, Olympus XA and the Polaroid SX-70. I will also feature cameras I’ve picked up in op shops for $2! Hopefully I will also feature camera that shoot film formats like 127, 126, APS and of course 110 cartridge film.