15 film photography projects you can work on at home

Well my friends, we are certainly living in interesting times. If you’ve found yourself at home, unable to venture out to take photos, fear not, there are still a ton of photography projects you can crack on with. In episode 28 of Matt Loves Cameras, I detail 15 film photography related projected you can do at home. Listen for the details above, I’ve put a summary below.

How can photo projects help?

I’ve read some research that said keeping busy, especially with repetitive or creative tasks, can lead to a feeling of accomplishment and can steer your mind away from thinking about things that worry you. Photography projects ward off boredom and make you calmer and less anxious. Here’s my list of 15 film photography projects you can do at home:

1) Organise your Lightroom catalogues

This can be a daunting task, try working on it a little every day. Listen to the podcast for how I organise my catalogues.

2) Organise your negatives – and your instant photos

I have stacks of negatives in folders and cardboard envelopes. I actually bought some negative sleeves about a year ago and I’ve never touched them, it’s time to change that.

3) Read a photography book that’s been sitting on your shelf

If you’re like me, you probably have tons of photography books on your shelves that you’ve bought, flicked through and never looked at again. Get them off the shelf and make some time to read them.

4) Organise a video call with other photographers

Look out for these in Facebook Groups everywhere, especially groups like Negative Positives Facebook group. Zoom or Webex are two of the popular services used.

5) Sign up for an course

There are so many good online courses, check out:

  • – now known as LinkedIn learning. There are tons of good courses on here about photography and software like the Adobe Creative Suite. Check to see if you have free access to this through your library.
  • Creative Live – about $149 for one year, you might be able to find it cheaper though. There are so many good photography courses on here, including a few on film photography. Also some really cool creative courses on arts and crafts and music.
  • Magnum Learn – I really enjoyed the $99 Street Photography course from Magnum.
  • Professional Photographers of America currently offering their courses for free for a couple of weeks.

6) Free film photography goodness on YouTube

7) Stock photography

Some stock agencies such as Stocksy accept film and instant photo scans!

8) Practice your digital photography

If you’re unable to buy or process film, practice your digital photography. Those skills will come in handy when you can shoot film again.

9) Start a blog or podcast

You can get started for free thanks to platforms like WordPress and Anchor. What’s stopping you?

10) Write for others

Write an article for Emulsive, 35mmc, Kosmo Foto or send a voice recording in to Negative Positives.

11) Catalogue your film and cameras

Get all your cameras out of boxes and down off shelves and on to the floor. Type up details of everything you have in a spreadsheet. You’ll find cameras you’d forgotten about and stuff you’d like to sell.

12) Find out about a historic photographer

Here are three to get you started:

  • Julia Margaret Cameron – a photographic pioneer
  • Eugene Atget – French flaneur who photographed the streets of Paris
  • Master of light and contrast – Chinese photographer Fan Ho

13) Research a photographic process you’ve never tried

  • tintypes
  • cyanotypes
  • cross processing
  • polaroid emulsion transfers

14) Spring clean your social media

Make sure your profile and photo are up-to-date, plan your next set of photos to publish, follow new and inspiring accounts.

15) Support film people

Buy a zine, buy film, buy cameras, support the community!